The Beginning!


Bing: Inspiration!

I did it!!  After initially being struck by inspiration and many months of working out ideas in my head, this blog is finally going public!

I am unfortunately still a recovering perfectionist so deciding to write content that will be posted publicly and judged by friends, family and total strangers has been intimidating.

Just before I was pregnant I had been taking a hiatus from most things internet or technology oriented.  But with a baby growing inside you, I simply couldn’t avoid heavy use of the internet.  Great googly moogly, the internets have changed a lot in the last two years!!!

I quickly became an awesome googler.  The process of looking up signs, symptoms and future scary stuff made me see the internet in a whole new light.  I discovered lots of helpful videos on YouTube, and not just about birthing and baby stuff.  There’s great tips about home organizing and some great cooking how-to’s, though I must give a quick shout out to the people who post Curious George episodes: You guys have no idea how much you rock!  You make my baby smile!!

I also realized that blogs are not the creepy chat rooms of yesteryear.  (Experienced bloggers, please don’t hate!)  I realized that partly because I have a few friends who have started blogs recently but also partly because I found the comment sections of babycenter,, babyzone, et al. where mommies were posting their experiences.  Those were, and still are, ever so helpful.  Yeah, they’re not blogs per say, but I had no idea women were using forums in such a great way!  Then, I found that people use blogs for lots of things: to present their art, resumes, their creative writing, how to’s and pretty much everything else.

I know I may sound like I’m from the stone age but not everyone utilizes the internet the same way.  I thought of the internet as the best way to stalk celebrities (which I dislike), read the most recent headlines, watch free tv and see product reviews on Amazon.  In defense of my previous way of life, there’s a good number of us out there who are on our work computers all day doing work stuff and the last thing we want to do is come home and still be on the computer.  Because of my pregnancy, I realized the internet has a vast amount of resources and now I love tapping into them and discovering new ways to use the internet.

And thus, I made my peace with technology and got with the 20-teens.  I actually have even come to enjoy the technology section of magazines and newspapers and I get excited to hear opinions on new gadgets and discover what’s happening in the tech industry.  I certainly didn’t expect to tack on that new pastime as a result of growing a baby.  New hobby found…check!

I wish I had a cool pink laptop!

Let’s admit it, mommy blogging has become a cliché.  3 million+ do it, and the mommy blogs are great and I’m excited to become part of that community.  However, in the scenario where everyone is jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, I’d respectively be hanging out at the Verrazano.  I like to do my own thing, I rarely follow the crowd.  Do I really want to follow in the footsteps of 3 million others?  When it comes to talking about experiences using my own voice and being able to customize what I say and how I say it: Absolutely!  So I immediately came to peace with becoming a mommy blogger as well!  After all, one of my favorite quotes is: “I am unique, just like everyone else.”

On that note, into the blogoshpere I go!

Bella E., the newest Mommy Blogger (….for possibly the next 10 seconds or so!)

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