Finally getting it together!

From mid-July until October my daughter and I journeyed back home and bounced back and forth between family members.  It was a great time: I got to collect myself and organize my life, while my daughter got to play with her cousins and form bonds with everyone.  What a win-win situation!

While it was really nice taking an extended vacation, there were times that I just wanted to be home with my husband following our usual routines.  However, I knew once we got back home our usual routines of course would be different.

We unfortunately had to move just weeks before our little one was born.  As a result and to this day, we still have boxes of stuff here and there which we have to go through.  Before our little trip I was working during the week, breastfeeding, pumping, trying to get normal everyday tasks accomplished and taking time to relax and enjoy being a new mommy.  This didn’t leave much room for sorting through our stuff.

This isn't our apartment but this is how I feel when trying to organize it.

This isn’t our apartment but this is how I feel when trying to organize it.

Whenever I got the energy to even start organizing all it took was a long look at the piles of boxes of stuff I didn’t know what to do with, and poof!  I quickly became overwhelmed and would decide that it was actually a good time to relax or take a nap instead.  This is obviously not the way to accomplish anything. I felt so defeated it was as if our stuff had a secret power over me that wouldn’t allow me to disrupt their intrusive presence.

Before I left we were almost at the point of “let’s just throw everything away and figure it out later” but our logical sides couldn’t let things go without first going through them just to make sure it wasn’t anything truly important.  I’m aware that my contribution to our mess is that I stopped or never was able to balance household work with spending time with my husband, so I often let things go resulting in things piling up.  So that at least will change.  With a baby, we can’t put things off and my new priority is getting the apartment organized and that’s in large part for her benefit.

While we were gone, my husband stayed home and did as much as he could to organize and sort through things.  He really did a great job!  …but there is still plenty of work to be done.

While on vacation, I found loads of awesome ideas and have been itching to start them.  So as soon as we got home I was refreshed, energized and geared up for the monster task of going through our stuff and organizing so we can enjoy our wonderful apartment to its fullest potential.

Starting this month, we (mostly I) will become organizing fanatics.  As we moved, my husband and I decided to make it a goal to become minimalists….we’ll see how close I can get us now that I finally can take the time to get things done.

Here’s day one: Admitting I/we have a problem.

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