Pinterest: A Visual Discovery of Things I Never Knew I Needed in My Life!

Note to self

Hi, my name is Bella and I am addicted to Pinterest!  When the Pinterest first started a friend told me to get on board and pin things, and I thought what’s the point? I already make bookmarks and save pages of sites I need to refer back to.  Why would I add to my online footprint by joining a social network I don’t need?  Obviously this was several years ago and since then hundreds thousands (perhaps millions?) of other people have found this site plenty interesting, proving that there is a need for Pinterest.

In all honesty, I probably would not have gotten into Pinterest if not for my daughter and looking up diy sites.  Most diy sites I would find on google link themselves to a Pinterest page.  And thus my latest addiction began.

I love going to the “everything” and “popular” categories because they have the most variety of pins and keep things interesting for me.  I’ve already created numerous boards and found pretty much most of my interests can be pinned.  If not for Pinterest I wouldn’t have found many of the sites I find useful and regularly visit.

The big reason I love Pinterest so much is that it’s a way for me to feel productive but still be able to quickly focus on my baby when she needs me.  This allows me a few needed breaks during the day where I can get lost in some nice eye candy, aka fabulous pins!  Right now I’m gathering ideas, especially since in about a month we will be away from home for the summer.  I love that I can find things to use later on in the future, like when we buy a house.  Between watching HGTV, the DIY Network and Pinterest I have tons of ideas for household projects I can’t wait to do!  Our apartment could be so much cooler if I could paint and nail shelves into the wall, but I’m sure there’s a board out there somewhere for apartment safe decorating.

After this summer, or maybe even sooner, I will post some recipes and other easy projects I’ve done through Pinterest.  I wish I had jumped on board sooner, but oh well.  It’s such an efficient way to be able to organize ideas and projects from my phone!  If anyone is interested in seeing my pins here is my Pinterest link:


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