The Best Chili I’ve made thus far!

This has been one of my best Pinterest recipe finds yet!

Forgot to take a picture because we were so hungry so here is a leftover serving.

Forgot to take a picture in the pot because we were super hungry, so here is a leftover serving.

My food nausea I had the first four months of my pregnancy has come back unfortunately.  I’ve been having a difficult time trying to figure out what to eat throughout the day.  Since the temperature has been freezing in my area, I decided to make chili.  I made chili a couple months ago using a recipe that was pretty awesome.  The downside is that particular recipe was heavy with spices.  Anything overly spiced will agitate my recently sensitive digestive system and leave me burping for hours….not cool!

Using Pinterest as my guide I searched for “chili recipe” to try something different.  The first recipe I clicked on seemed to be a good one.  I mean when a recipe has the title of “The Best Chili on Earth” why wouldn’t you want to try it?  At the least, I couldn’t pass it up!

When I looked at the long ingredients list I felt a tad intimidated seeing a list of 20 things I needed for this recipe.  With a toddler who demands my attention, especially when I’m doing something in the kitchen, I’m always aware of how much dinner prep will need to be done and how long it will take.  This recipe thankfully did not take long at all.  Plus once I tasted it, wow!  It is totally worth it!  Also I was very decided on making chili and especially this chili so even if it took forever, I was doing it!

You can find the full recipe from the original blog here at

I didn’t leave anything out….oh wait never mind, I did somehow forget about the parsley, whoops!  Some modifications had to be made, both out of necessity and preference.  This is what I changed:

1) My husband and I don’t like onions but I do put them in soups and recipes where they are thoroughly cooked and minimally noticed, so I only used half an onion.

2) I was worried that 2 jalapeno peppers would be too much for me, so I reduced that to one.  My husband enjoys spicy flavors and loves using chilies as an accompaniment to meals and I can say with full confidence that the second pepper was not missed by him.  When I am not pregnant, I will definitely give it t a try with the two, but for now I have to say it was perfectly well spiced with just the one.

3) Instead of using a skillet I cooked everything in the biggest pot we have, which got very full at the end, so I had to leave out some of the tomato juice.  We like our chili thick and I knew that adding 46 oz. of juice on top of the sauce and can of diced tomatoes would liquefy it too much for us.  My grocery store also did not have a 46 oz. can of tomato juice so it wasn’t even an option to begin with.  Instead I found a nice 32 oz. bottle, of which I used about half.  I simply added the juice last and eye-balled it to the consistency that looked right for me.  This worked really well!  I’m pretty sure the tomato juice is the essential ingredient that distinguishes this chili from others, at least for me, so don’t leave it out!

4) Let me go back to the parsley for a second.  I actually bought cilantro instead because we use that more and I know the parsley would go to waste after this one use.  I fully intended to use it, but likely due to my many interruptions during the cooking process, it got over looked.  I didn’t even realize I left it out until after the meal while I was putting everything away.  I was bummed I forgot about it, but I guess we can add it as a garnish to the left overs, of which we have lots!

5) I was in a time crunch and only had two hours to make this, so I could only let it simmer for about 30 minutes.  This was just fine and I’m sure the leftovers will have a slight flavor boost as a result.

6) We added Fritos because that’s what you do when you eat chili in my home state!

This was soo, soo good!  It lived up to my expectations and that is difficult to do when often I will get really excited about making a meal and then be disappointed when I actually eat it.  No disappointment here!  Added bonus: no extra pregnancy burps or heartburn!!  I can’t tell you how exciting that is for me!  I was worried that I would have problems with all the tomato products associated with any kind of chili, but I’ve had no issues that aren’t my norm.  I wonder if the tomato juice had any calming effects for me, but it’s hard to say for sure what it is about this recipe that made it heartburn friendly for me.  This is definitely a thumbs up pregnancy meal that will be in my permanent dinner rotation.

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