How Not To Write A Blog in 1 Step

Ok, step #1: Don’t post anything!

So easy, its stupid! Haha! Time goes by so quickly and tonight after spending hours on my Baby Center birth group, I realized I just have to post on my blog.

With my blog, my perfectionism still shows its ugly head. After making I don’t know how many comments in my group, I decided I needed to post on my own blog. I need to finish up the many, many drafts I have started and not worry about pictures. Pictures have been my big hold up, as well as not completely finishing my drafts.

I have had three months of breastfeeding time that I could have spent writing and publishing posts. I have done quite a bit of writing but would stop because I cant post the pictures I want included easily from my phone. Sure I want my posts to look pretty and have awesome or at least decent pictures but at this point I don’t care. I can always update later when I get a chance.

And so this post is officially the start of my visually unappealing posting stream. If you are reading this, I apologize in advance and hope my words don’t bore you as much as my visually unappealing posts.

Thank you!

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