Our Endless Halloween House

Its January and my daughter is still talking about Halloween. It might be because she was born in October, but she definitely has a special attachment to that holiday. She is fascinated by it.

Ever since she started watching Curious George’s Halloween special she talks about Halloween all the time. I thought once Thanksgiving and Chanukah/Christmas came along she will be crazy for those holidays as well….Nope!

She LOVES Halloween!!

The thing is, she gets scared and loves being scared too! Total opposite of me. I do NoT like being scared, not one bit. Its not an emotion I enjoy feeling. I don’t like being on edge or getting suddenly startled. But my daughter over here relishes being scared. She has spent weeks and weeks acting scared while watching Halloween episodes of Doc, Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse etc. I say she “acts” scared because she gets really upset if I try to change her show to something else. Then she will smile and say, “No, I’m not scared mommy.”

I was worried she would get nightmares. That was a problem from when she was 4-9 months old. She would wake up screaming occasionally for no reason for months. So I thought for sure watching all this “scary” stuff would bring back her night terrors. It didn’t, thankfully.

She runs around the apartment waving her arms near her face saying, “spooky” trying to scare us. She also runs up to us saying “BOO!”. She still talks about when we went trick or treating and put candy in her plastic pumpkin.

Update: We are no longer watching Curious George’s Boofest, yeah! She still requests the Halloween episodes but is now ok with watching the non-Halloween ones too.

Since March she has Halloween costumes picked out for everyone. She=spooky witch, Dad=super hero, her new little bro=a spooky jack o’ lantern, Me=a scary monster!! Ummm, what are you trying to say daughter??

What does your toddler obsess over? Any special holidays your kids are stuck on?

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