The relative is a channel to the Truth

This is a Sufi aphorism I read about recently. Up until a few days ago I had no idea what views or beliefs Sufism upholds. I also had no idea that some of my favorite quotes/sayings are actually from one of the most notable Sufi mystics. 

The current book I am reading is about the world’s major religions and how they interrelate. I am barely 100 pages deep and am surprised at how much my beliefs coincide to varying degrees with a religion I knew nothing about. That is the purpose of the book, no doubt!

I really want to share the following because it was a good reminder and got my attention. The following is a story from Rumi:

Two beggars came to the door of a house, asking for bread. One was immediately given some bread and went away satisfied. The second was kept waiting, and waiting. Why? The first beggar was not greatly liked and was given a small stale piece of stale bread. The second was made to wait while a fresh loaf was baked for him.

This struck a cord with me so I just wanted to pass it along. Progress is all about being able to relate to something, and take that a little step further. I love stories that are teaching stories!

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