The Importance of Being Inspired

This past year we had a lot of change in our lives.  We moved to another state where we now live with relatives.  We got new jobs, mine was a career change, plus I was still getting used to managing life with two kids and figuring out our new baby.  It was one of the toughest years for me because all this change came with an increase of extra stress.

This past Thursday I went to a regional conference for teachers, the Region 11 Elementary Con.  I had been looking forward to it as I had to be signed up months ago through my school.  Angela Maiers was the keynote speaker.  I had seen her Tedx talk a few years ago and didn’t realize it was her that was speaking until they mentioned it in her introduction.  Listening to her talk ignited a part of me that felt like it had been buried.   Her talk was inspirational and what I realized three days afterward, is that it is SO IMPORTANT to feel inspired.

It was the kind of inspiration that made me stop and change.  It was like she reached out, touched my soul and if I didn’t do something about that I would be going against my nature.  As I was listening to her I just simply felt profound inspiration.  During the rest of the conference I was exposed to a lot of new tools I can use in my classroom.  As I was listening to other presenters I also felt inspired and came up with other ideas unrelated to what was going on or being talked about.  For those two days I felt very creative, energetic, and enthusiastic.  Inspiration feels wonderful!

Inspiration causes change.  Inspiration ignites a fire in you that you might not have known was there.  Inspiration is essential to accomplishing anything.

The big personal take away that I got from the conference is that I need to find inspiration more often.  Since inspiration can come from everywhere it can be easy to be inspired, however it is not something that can be forced.  With that being said, even though you can’t force it, you can position yourself in places or around people who are inspiring.  Speaking from experience, one thing I do know, is that if you are looking for inspiration eventually you will find it.

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