random patternHow did I come up with the title?  When I first got the idea to start blogging I wanted to come up with a title that would be specific yet all-encompassing of what I wanted to write about.  I’m so thankful this one popped into my head because  “Experiencing life now” I feel is  accurately descriptive of the many accumulations of experiences I’m having as a result of creating a new life, i.e., my baby.  It’s also about how I’m maintaining and changing my life as I go.  And wow, things  have changed in so many ways!  The “upward journey” part refers to my general take on life.

Why did I decide to blog?  I enjoyed writing way back in high school and wanted to reconnect with that part of myself.  I plan to use this space to creatively showcase my observations, cognitions, hypotheses, various other inspired ideas and interesting happenings.  The best medium I could think of that has the flexibility to express all those aspects is through a blog.  Also, I’m hoping that this will help to extend the dendrites in my brain!  I like adding dendrites.

What will I be blogging about?  Some topics will include: a series on time-saving tips; unusual mommy moments I have as well as my take on the typical mommy moments; do-it-yourself projects I experiment with; adopting healthy lifestyle habits; new hobbies I take up; a series on learning to let go of various things; a series on being efficient; etc….the list goes on!

Where’s my photo?  I will insert an actual photo once I get back from vacation in October.  I’m not intending to be mysterious but I don’t really have a good picture that’s recent so until then, I’m using a pattern I created in Paint as a placeholder.  (I enjoy making shapes and filling them in with colors!)

Much love!

Bella E.

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